25 October 2016
Glomobi: Help

Customer service

If you have questions, please contact our customer services at: or send us an email at: [email protected] or via phone: 0822350450.

My details

To download a ringtone, game or other items we will ask you for your mobile phone number. You will then receive a SMS to confirm your order. Please follow the steps in the SMS. After your confirmation you will receive a SMS where to download the item.

We will never sell your number or use it for marketing purposes.

How to order a ringtone, game or other item?

1. Select an item on our WAP site.
2. Click to order the item and fill in your 06 number.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Enjoy your download.

What do I have to do with an SMS that requires an OK confirmation?

1. Open the SMS.
2. Choose from the menu from your cellphone the option to reply.
3. Type the text “OK”
4. Send the message to 42800.
5. You will receive a direct link back to download your order.

How do I download my order?

1. Click on the download link in the SMS message you will receive.
2. The download will start automatically.
3. Follow the instructions of your cellphone.
4. Save the file you downloaded on your cellphone.

How long is my subscription period for?

Each subscription period is for 1 week. Every week you will receive a notification on the renewal of your subscription.

How much content can I choose to download during my subscription period?

You can download any number of content that you see on our WAP site until your credits runs out.

Where can I find my credit amount?

You can send a status/help message at any time to 42800.

I am not able to download any content from the WAP site. How is that possible?

We likely were not able to bill you for your credits. Please raise your prepaid credit or check with your operator.